Our Publications

Our Publications

Explore a range of transformative publications from Miramar International Foundation that delve into cutting-edge agricultural practices and innovative solutions. Uncover the potential of Controlled Environment Agriculture for nutrient-rich vegetable cultivation tailored to school feeding programs. Delve into the captivating world of Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture, discovering strategies that bridge urban living and sustainable food production for a greener future.

Feasibility Study

Explore the forefront of sustainable agriculture through Miramar International Foundation’s publication on the ‘Feasibility Study – Ruben Center Demo Unit.’ Delve into the realm of Controlled Environment Agriculture, unveiling a cutting-edge system designed for nutrient-rich vegetable cultivation, ideal for school feeding programs. Uncover the synergy of innovative technology and eco-conscious practices, ensuring abundant harvests.

Urban and peri-urban Agriculture 

Discover the hidden world of Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture (UPA) through Miramar International Foundation’s compelling publication. Explore the innovative strategies that bridge urban living and sustainable food production, from rooftop gardens to vertical farming, and unlock the potential of transforming cityscapes into thriving agricultural landscapes. Learn more in our publications section.