Who We Are

As the executive arm of the company, the foundation’s mandate is youth empowerment and mainstreaming through socio-economic transformation
encompassing Agri, Business Development, Education and Vocational training. This is made possible through great support from our esteemed partners who include Mastercard Foundation, GIZ and we are immensely grateful.

Miramar International Foundation’s overall vision is to make a measurable difference in society and enhance sustainability. It is for this cause that we have strategically focused on specific sectors which will have multiplier effects in other sectors if well resourced and facilitated; Agriculture, Education, Health, Business Development

Our Philosophy

Whereas Africa is resource rich, many still languish in abject poverty. Many countries suffer from food insecurity, many youths are un-employed or under-employed and access to good medical care is a privilege to only those who can afford

We are capable of changing this state quo if we focus on creating demand driven interventions that harness on the great resources that exist and ride on the spirit and capacity of the people to make tomorrow a better day

Our Focus

MIF believes in teaching our societies “how to fish” rather than “giving them fish”. We hence have chosen to focus on three areas:

* Agriculture


All our interventions focus on mainstreaming of the special groups; Women and Youth.

Our Mission

Alleviating poverty by creating strategic interventions that build the ability of the people to not only earn a livelihood but also lead healthy lives.

Our Pillars


Africa today suffers the challenges of food insecurity caused by a myriad of factors including extreme weather, soil fertility, pest and diseases and over reliance on rain-fed agriculture.

Under the Agribusiness Pillar, we promote and implement the MIF smart farming Program. This program is aimed at Introducing, Promoting and Building the Capacity of Beneficiaries on Smart Farming Systems in controlled environments such as Hydroponics, Aquaponics e.tc as a means of achieving Food Security and economic empowerment. This program is implemented through our training arm Miramar International College


Entrepreneurship today gives the largest opportunities for earning a livelihood in Africa. Access to formal jobs has significantly shrunk over the years, across Africa. If we grow our Entrepreneurs, we have a bigger chance to address Un- Employment and Under – Employment.

At MIF we have a robust Business Development Program that addresses the challenges faced by Enterprises. The ultimate goal is to strength the capacity of Entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses


Women are a key Pillar In our society. As a deliberate strategic goal, we have mainstreamed Women in all our Programing. Our goal is to ensure that we have program that taps into the big potential for progress presented by empowered women.


Youth are a Pillar In our society. As a deliberate strategic goal, we have mainstreamed youth in all our Programing. Our objective is to help address societal and system challenges faces by youth in access to knowledge and capacity. Our target is to harness the big potential presented by youth in economic progress.