Who We Are

At Miramar International Foundation (MIF), we’re a dynamic non profit driven by a mission to transform societies through impactful initiatives. With a foundation in Science, Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships (STIP), we’re committed to crafting scalable solutions for developmental challenges.

Our unwavering dedication to health, education, entrepreneurship, and agriculture is realized through holistic approaches, paving the way for a sustainable and prosperous future.

Join us in making a meaningful impact on societal growth and development.

Our Publications

Feasibility Study

Explore the forefront of sustainable agriculture through Miramar International Foundation’s publication on the ‘Feasibility Study – Ruben Center Demo Unit.’ Delve into the realm of Controlled Environment Agriculture, unveiling a cutting-edge system designed for nutrient-rich vegetable cultivation, ideal for school feeding programs

Urban and peri-urban Agriculture 

Discover the hidden world of Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture (UPA) through Miramar International Foundation’s compelling publication. Explore the innovative strategies that bridge urban living and sustainable food production, and unlock the potential of transforming cityscapes into thriving agricultural landscapes.

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